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Our Services

We offer a number of services for our clients like Technical SEO Services, Guest posting service, etc.

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Marc jacobs - It Consultant

Local SEO Services

Our Local Seo services target your local demographic and elevate your digital presence in targeted local areas. Our local SEO services promote each of your business locations, perform area-based keyword research, and also takes care of the local listings.

SEO Audit Services

Our SEO audit company specialises in carrying out comprehensive audit of your websites in order to optimise them and elevate their SEO healthiness. Our checklist of over 250-pointers helps us in conducting a conclusive audit of your websites, which helps in determining the scope of work to be done and developing the best SEO strategies for your website.

Text section about the Product

RankBeetle, as an SEO Toronto company, promises a process for SEO that increases our clients’ chances of beating their competition and comes out on the top. Here is the of processes we follow in our SEO venture:

Business Goal1. Learning your business objectives


We understand your business objectives and get align with your goals

Website Audit2. Planned strategizing


This helps in analyzing your and competitor strategy to rank higher on SERPs

Detailed Reporting

3. Detailed Reporting for Transparency


Reporting helps us in tracking our performance

technical seo4. Technical SEO Services


We recommend technical changes which takes care of crawling & indexing of your website

on page seo implementation5. On-Page SEO services


We work on various on-page seo like meta tags, title tags, header tags and URL structure

off page seo implementation6. Influencer Marketing


Influencer activities are implemented to boost ranking 

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